The Vancouver Peace Choir is always looking for singers interested in helping us fulfill our mission to embody and promote awareness, compassion, and engagement through the preparation and performance of high-quality choral music.

We audition singers twice a year – in September and February. If you are interested in auditioning, please email

Audition Preparation

During an audition with our Artistic Director, Timothy Corlis, here’s what to expect:

Range – vocal exercises, an opportunity to demonstrate range and tone in both high and low registers
Ear Training – checking for the ability to blend within a chord in the ensemble, tuning, and recognition of intervals
Reading Skills – sight singing of an excerpt from standard choral repertoire
Singing a Prepared Excerpt – a chance to show off your voice with a piece specifically suited to your voice part:
AltoMusic for a While – Purcell (page 3 only)
Tenor and BassSilent Noon – Vaughn Williams (from “so this winged”)