VPC History

[2015-Present] Choir under direction of Brian Wismath

November 2015

Celebrate Life! Concert

Celebrate Life! was the Vancouver’s first performance under the direction of of Brian Wismath. The a cappella programme honoured the vision of past directors while looking forward to continuing the choir’s journey under Brian’s direction.

The eclectic repertoire included many of the choir’s favourite pieces from past seasons, continuing the Vancouver Peace Choir’s tradition of featuring Canadian composers. Including works from composers such as Tomás Victoria, Josef Rheinberger, Jeff Enns and the Vancouver Peace Choir's founder, Timothy Corlis, the programme encompassed the human experience from the miraculous to the everyday. 

7:30pm - Saturday, November 7, 2015 AMS Student Nest, Performance Theatre, 6133 Student Union Boulevard, Vancouver

2:30pm - Sunday, November 8, 2015 Holy Trinity Anglican, 1440 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

Holy Trinity Anglican, UBC
Director: Brian Wismath

[Spring 2015] Choir under Interim Director Erik Peregrine

May 2015

Synesthesia: A Bridge of Song

The Vancouver Peace Choir, under the direction of Erik Peregrine, was thrilled to share the stage with The Eric Hamber Secondary Chamber Choir and the New Westminster Chamber Choir in support of music education in schools. With repertoire chosen for its musical intrigue and sensory stimulation, this concert was a playful exploration of the power of music to enliven the senses. Both the Vancouver Peace Choir’s former director, Dan Kocurek, and the concert director, Erik Peregrine, experience synesthesia, in which stimuli in one sense causes an experience in another. Kocurek describes his synesthesia as an involuntary and automatic association of musical notes with specific colours; for Peregrine, visual responses are driven by harmony and timbre. This program invited everyone to share in their experience, exploring themes of mysticism, imagination, and creativity through overtly colourful repertoire. This lighthearted concert conveyed a powerful message; in synesthesia, the ability of music to enliven other senses parallels the way in which music education is shown to heighten children's ability to learn in all areas. Music education in schools is a priority for the Vancouver Peace Choir and the potential of these talented high school choirs highlights the importance of funding programs that enhance early learning and education. Shows were offered on May 30th and 31st, 2015
Eric Hamber Secondary Chamber Choir, New Westminster Secondary Chamber Choir, Queens Avenue United Church, Ryerson United Church
Director: Erik Peregrine

[2013-2014] Choir under direction of Dan Kocurek

November 2014

Ein Deutsches Requiem

The Vancouver Peace Choir, under the direction of Dan Kocurek, presented Ein Deutsches Requiem, an awareness concert for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with support from the Mood Disorders Association of BC. Link to video playlist The concert featured Brahms' masterwork Ein Deutsches Requiem accompanied by the piano duo Piano Pinnacle and soloists Baha Poureslami and George Roberts. This requiem focuses on comforting the living rather than on the dead, reminding us that those who have survived may be profoundly affected by their experiences. A guest speaker from the Mood Disorders Association of BC shared with us his experiences living with PTSD. The concert also featured In Paradisum, a thoughtful and inspiring composition by local Vancouver composer Chris Sivak.

7:30pm - Saturday, November 22, 2014 Vancouver Community College Auditorium 1155 East Broadway, Vancouver

3:00pm - Sunday, November 23, 2014 Highlands United Church 3255 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver

Bahareh Poureslami, Chris Sivak, George Roberts, Highlands United Church, Mood Disorders Association of BC, Piano Pinnacle, PTSD, VCC
Director: Dan Kocurek
April 2014

Blue Ocean Floor

The Vancouver Peace Choir’s concert Blue Ocean Floor celebrated the beauty and moods of our waters. Works by contemporary composers were complemented by video footage of our oceans and waterways projected on the dome of the Planetarium Star Theatre and at St. Philip’s Anglican Church. This unique combination of film and live performance drew the audience into a deeper experience of our natural world.

Blue Ocean Floor brought us on a journey depicting the mystery, love, tempestuousness, peace and wonder of our waters. Ron Jeffers contrasts a turbulent, wild anthem with serene stillness in Songs of the Sea. Australian composer David Leek uses an indigenous text, calling the shark to the ragged coastline in Ngana. Dan Kocurek has magnified the swell of waves with choral voices in his choral arrangement of Justin Timberlake’s Blue Ocean Floor. Eric Whitacre, Ola Gjeilo, Arvo Part and Vancouver’s Matthew Emery rounded out this bill of contemporary music.

The Vancouver Peace Choir commissioned filmmaker Elad Tzadok to create this multimedia experience. “This is a unique and interesting mix, combining a classical choir performance alongside video and projection,” said filmmaker Elad Tzadok, adding that this concert length, ambient feature gave people the chance to connect on multiple levels with the content.

The video footage not only introduced people to the depths of the oceans, but scaled back to show the cycle of water, interaction with the environment, and natural beauty of the earth.

7:00pm - Saturday, April 26, 2014
St. Phillip’s Anglican Church
3737 West 27th Ave, Vancouver

7:00pm - Sunday, April 27, 2014
Planetarium Star Theatre - MacMillan Space Centre
1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver
Elad Tzadok, MacMillan Space Centre, ocean, Planetarium Star Theatre, St Philips Anglican
Director: Dan Kocurek
November 2013

Metamorphosis: a journey from darkness into light

The Vancouver Peace Choir, directed by Dan Kocurek, presented Metamorphosis: A Musical Journey from Darkness to Light with special guests, the Erik Hamber Chamber Choir, directed by Les Nerling, the Black Dog String Quartet and Aboriginal hip-hop artist Ostwelve. Metamorphosis, with support from the It Gets Better Project, drew awareness to anti-LGBT bullying and offered solidarity to those in need.  The concert featured works by such diverse composers as Ola Gjeilo, Pawel Lukaszewski, Gyorgy Orban, W.A. Mozart, Tim Corlis, Jake Runestad, and Macklemore. The performance transitioned from somber to joyful and uplifting, and “It Gets Better” videos were shown, encouraging hope and perseverance through difficult times. 7:30pm - Saturday, November 23, 2013 Ryerson United Church 2195 West 45th Ave, Vancouver 3:00pm - Sunday, November 24, 2013 Grace Memorial United Church 803 East 16th Ave, Vancouver
Black Dog String Quartet, Eric Hamber Chamber Choir, Grace Memorial United Church, It Gets Better Project, Ostwelve (Ron Dean Harris), Ryerson United Church
Director: Dan Kocurek

[2009-2012] Choir under direction of Timothy Corlis

Timothy Corlis directed the choir for many concerts during his time as founding artistic director. We are in the process of updating our website and will include the details of his many concerts as soon as we can!